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Lorenzo Rangoni Robertson
is an Italian-British visual artist, currently based in Scotland.
His work stems from an interested in his relationship to his surroundings. This morphs into transformations, associations and assimilations with materials, spaces and other living beings.    

In conversation with Mihaela Coman
Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop

If trees could talk, I would talk their language, but it would also be Italian. They'd gesticulate in the wind, maybe, as Italians. So that's my voice, I think.
That's what my residency project here at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop was about. For the final show (Incorporation) I made this piece about the connection between two bodies. The concepts behind it were to do with my relationship with my partner, while also an inner connection between two cultures. The connecting hand gesture looks like Italian speakers’ gestures. This connection between two bodies is how I think a lot of people feel. And how I've felt sometimes about being somewhere but not being there also.  Having this version of you inside that you can communicate with, but that's maybe hidden to other people or can't be seen by other people. "

Full conversation and photos:  

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